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Price: $99

Now you can have your favorite e-books at your fingertips. Literally. The Kindle Touch removes clunky, space-taking, buttons from the Kindle, while improving styling and features.

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Kindle Touch Review

Finally, the touchscreen version of the Kindle has arrived. No more clunky buttons, no more keyboard taking up extra space; just a clean design that maintains the functionality of previous Kindle models. Take control of your reading with the Kindle Touch.

UPDATE: The Kindle Touch has been replaced by the new Kindle Paperwhite.


  Touchscreen Technology

The Kindle Touch brings “tap to turn” technology to the Kindle. Now you don’t have to press a button or ‘swipe’ the screen in order to turn pages in your book. Instead, you can simply tap the screen to continue forward. This feature makes reading in any position much more comfortable. Need to access the toolbar to write a note? Simply tap the top-right corner. The Kindle Touch truly makes reading simplified.

  Virtual Keyboard

The keyboard on the Kindle Touch takes up less space than a physical keyboard, yet is equally effective and provides convenience for the user. When using the Kindle Touch, you no longer have to worry about typing everything in to a keyboard. All of the controls you need are right there on the screen.


The Kindle Touch also offers Text-to-Speech capabilities, meaning that it can read any book or publication to you, provided that it is written in English.

  4 Touch Models To Choose From

There are four different Kindle Touch versions currently available. For $99, you can purchase a Kindle Touch with special offers. A special offer simply means that when the Kindle is turned off, advertisements from different companies appear on the screen. The $99 Kindle Touch does not have 3G capabilities so it can only connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. However, with the abundance of Wi-Fi hot spots currently available, this might not be a too big of a disadvantage.

For $139, you can get a Kindle Touch without 3G capabilities and without special offers. There are also two different Kindle Touch models available with 3G capabilities. For $149, you can get a 3G Kindle Touch with special offers and for $189 you can get a 3g Kindle Touch without special offers. Having 3G capabilities means that you can access the internet from anywhere directly from your Kindle Touch. The numerous models and price points available ensures that there is a Kindle Touch that will fit into any budget.

  Two Month Battery Life

If you’re an average reader, your Kindle Touch battery should last approximately two months between needing recharged. That’s Halloween to New Year’s Eve!

  4GB Memory

Like the Kindle Keyboard 3G, the Kindle Touch features 4 gigabyte of memory that allows the user to store up to 3,000 e-books on their device.

Kindle Touch Review Summary

Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Battery Life
4 stars
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