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Kindle Paperwhite



Price: $119

The Kindle Paperwhite is the successor to the Kindle Touch and has been upgraded with a unique front-lit display, allowing you to read day or night, as well as improved resolution and contrast over the previous model.

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Kindle Paperwhite Review

With the Kindle Paperwhite, not only can you take your favorite ebook with you anywhere, but you can take it with you any time, day …or night! But hold on, the Kindle Paperwhite is more than just a nightlight, Paperwhite has upgraded its resolution 62% over the entry-level Kindle or the Kindle Keyboard 3G. This increase in resolution allows you to read easier and eases eye strain for the typical reader. In addition, it features a touch screen interface, similar to the Kindle Fire’s. All this at the low price of $119.


 Built-In Light

The Paperwhite has a very unique type of light, which of course allows you to read in low-light areas or darkness. But its built-in light isn’t the sort of backlit display like your laptop or computer monitor, which can make it difficult to fall asleep after looking at it for prolonged periods. No, the Paperwhite’s built-in light actually puts light onto what you’re reading, rather than lighting it up from behind. Afterall, no one wants to try and read a book with someone shining a flashlight in their eyes. The light on the Paperwhite is comfortable on your eyes and won’t keep anyone else awake if you happen to prefer reading in bed at night.

 Lightweight Portability

At only 7.5 ouces, the Kindle Paperwhite is anything but a paperweight. It feels light in your hand, easy and comfortable to hold, even for hours. And unlike a traditional book, you need not interrupt your reading by having to turn pages; simply touch the screen to continue.

 Stylish, As Well As Convenient

Just like the Kindle Touch model it replaces, the Paperwhite is a touchscreen tablet. What’s nice about not having extra buttons to press is that there is more screen to focus on. This helps contribute to its lighter weight, as well as giving it a smoother, sleeker, button-free design.

 Free Wi-Fi, 3G Availability

As with all new Kindle models, you can take your Paperwhite with you and on the go and access wi-fi hotspots if you should ever need to download a new book while you’re away from home. And with the Kindle Paperwhite 3G, you never have to worry about stopping at a wi-fi hotspot because you can connect to the internet at any time.

 8 Week Battery Life

After spending some time reading on the Kindle Paperwhite, you’ll be wondering why cell phone manufacturers can’t get more than a day of battery life out of their devices. Even with the Paperwhite’s light turned on, it is able to last for up to 8 weeks without recharging.

 Room For 1,100 Ebooks

The included 2GB internal memory allows you to hold over a thousand titles. No more wasting time trying to search through the Dewey Decimal System to find your favorite novel; now you have it at your fingertips.

 As Low As $119

The standard Kindle Paperwhite model is available for purchase at $119, while the Paperwhite 3G version can be purchased for just $179.

Kindle Paperwhite Review Summary

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4 stars
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4 stars
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