Kindle Keyboard 3G


Kindle Keyboard 3G



Price: $139

The Kindle Keyboard 3G offers you the ability to hold up to 3,500 books at your fingertips and with the built-in keyboard, you are able to take notes in your books or access the web browser and type with a full QWERTY keyboard.

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Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

The most exciting feature of the Kindle Keyboard 3G is that it offers FREE use of the 3G network! That feature, coupled with the most advanced E Ink display, makes it a top competitor in the e-reader market.

Reading on the Kindle Keyboard 3G’s 6″ display is as natural as reading a book. There’s no glare from the screen, nor does reading on it make your eyes tired. Also, having the ability to adjust the size of the text to eight different levels is another feature that makes reading on the Kindle Keyboard 3G easy on the eyes. But, the biggest difference between the Kindle Keyboard 3G and the other Kindle models is the added benefit of a full keyboard. Having the keyboard allows you to search the built-in dictionary, make notes on pages, and share your favorite passages with your friends on Facebook.


 Advanced 6″ E Ink Display

The Kindle Keyboard 3G is designed for people that enjoy reading a book or newspaper for extended periods of time (30 minutes or longer). The biggest difference between reading on the Kindle and an iPad, or a similar type of backlit displayed device, is that the Kindle’s screen isn’t going to cause you eye strain. Reading on any type of computer monitor or tablet is like trying to read a book when someone is shining a flashlight in your eyes. Reading on the Kindle Keyboard 3G, on the other hand, is natural, effortless, and enjoyable.

 Full QWERTY Keyboard

If you’ve ever tried typing out a message on a smartphone, you’re probably already aware of the benefit that having a full QWERTY keyboard offers. On the Kindle Keyboard 3G you can add important notes, messages, highlights, or reminders in the pages of the book or newspaper that you’re reading; much the same as you would writing in the margin of a paperback book. Having the full keyboard at your fingertips just makes it easier.


Whether you’re using the built-in internet browser or downloading a new book, magazine, or newspaper, you have FREE access to the 3G network anywhere you travel with your Kindle Keyboard 3G. No monthly charges, no annual contracts. Don’t you wish your cell phone provider offered that kind of deal?

 2 Month Battery Life

Yes, you read that correctly. The Kindle Keyboard 3G can go 2 months between charges, this is primarily because the E Ink screen does not require a backlit screen and therefore uses only a fraction of the battery power compared to a laptop or tablet computer.

 4GB Memory

The Kindle Keyboard 3G is equipped with 4GB of memory, allowing you to store up to 3,500 books.

Kindle Keyboard 3G Review Summary

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