Kindle Fire HDX


Kindle Fire HDX



Price: $179

The Kindle Fire HDX has the most life-like display ever produced with over 2 million pixels and 100% color accuracy. With the addition of its new 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, it's also the fastest Kindle Fire!

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Kindle Fire HDX Review

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t make any more improvements over the Kindle Fire HD, they completely blow you away with an amazing HDX display that brings out the finest details in images. Truly a perfect color display – even better than Apple’s retina display.

The Kindle Fire HDX also has a new quad-core processor and dual band Wi-Fi that makes this Kindle three times faster than the Kindle Fire HD, allowing games and high definition videos play without without hesitation.


  7″ HDX Display

This beautiful display, may be compact at seven inches, but nothing is lacking on this gorgeous screen. There are over two million pixels, used to make an unforgettable viewing experience. It is one of the highest resolution screen tablets available on the market today, and it will definitely not disappoint. With new technology that allows the tablet’s pixels to automatically adjust brightness according to the amount of light, the glare is significantly cut down on this tablet, making it easier to play your favorite game or watch a movie, even in direct sunlight.

  Tiny Speakers, Booming Sound

The Kindle Fire HDX has unparalleled sound. With two optimally placed Dolby speakers you will think twice before reaching for your headphones. Available in a sleek black, the faceted design of this tablet will definitely impress. Packed with amazing features that make this a truly unique and versatile tablet. Amazing, sound, video and help at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong with the Kindle Fire HDX.


This tablet introduces the world to the brilliant new “Mayday” button. Exclusive to only the Kindle Fire HDX tablets, this button will connect you to an Amazon expert. You can now receive tech support from the tablet itself! Enjoy the ability to contact an Amazon expert for for free for the first year after purchase. That is three hundred and sixty five days of unlimited tech support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes this tablet a great option for the technological illiterate and new tablet users. You can watch the Amazon tech expert live, on the screen of your tablet, but don’t worry, it’s like a one way screen. You can see them, but they can’t see you. With a goal response time of about 15 seconds or less, you will not be kept waiting long for one of the experts to talk to you. There is help, literally at your finger tips. What more could you ask for?

  16GB, 32GB, or 64GB Memory

Available to purchase with three different levels of memory, there is something for everyone. If you need a little or a lot of memory, your options are covered with this tablet. Download a lot of videos and music? The 64GB will allow you to download to your hearts content. Not using this for anything more then reading? Then stick with the less intense 16GB or 32GB options.

  11 Hour Battery Life

The battery life is amazing at about around 11 hours. Not too bad for the high quality video and audio that this tablet produces.  This clever little tablet will simply turns off the things that are sitting idle, instead of letting them drain your battery life. This feature drastically improves the amount of battery time. That gives you 11 hours of reading your favorite book, checking out your favorite websites, and watching your favorite movies. If your primary use of this tablet is reading, then your in luck! If you are only using this for reading, the battery can last up to 17 hours! Making this a really nice bride between the e-readers, which are famous for their long battery life of 30 plus hours, and traditional tablets whose reading apps drain the battery. The excellent battery really sets this little tablet apart. Would also make the perfect travel companion, perfect for those long flights. This will quickly become a favorite among frequent travelers, because nothing is worse then your tablet dying on in the middle of a ten hour flight.

  Easy to Use Interface

It is the same comfortable interface that Kindle is known for. The interface of this Kindle Fire HDX will neatly organize your content into relevant groups, making it very easy to find what you want. The carousel based interface, that Kindle is known for, is still present, but with a twist. You now have the option to swipe up, which allows for you to access a sort of app draw, more familiar in other tablets. It keeps the fundamental design that Kindle users are comfortable, but adds on the “grown-up” tablet feature that most other tablets use.

The app drawer makes the user less hesitant to download all the apps they want. Previously, with only the carousel function, downloading a lot of apps could clog up the carousel a bit, making it hard to find what you need. Now you can store those less frequently used apps in the convenient drawers. Leaving the carousel open for your most loved apps.

  Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Books Galore

As always Kindle’s tablets have a wide range of entertainment available. This tablet will really help you take advantage of an Amazon Prime membership. With the membership you can easily download movies for viewing offline later. A really great feature if you are a frequent traveller. Alternatively, with the 17 hours battery life for reading books, it s a great tablet to take advantage of Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. With this program you can download unlimited books available in the the database. It is like a Netflix for books.

Kindle Fire HDX Review Summary

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