Kindle – The Perfect Gift For Teens

The perfect gift for teens, any time of year is the Kindle Keyboard 3G. In fact, all the Kindle models seem to be gaining in popularity with this age group. With teens seeming to spend most of their leisure time on the internet these days, they are accustomed to reading material that is presented to them on a screen. It’s not often that you’ll see a teen with his or her nose in a book today. When newspapers and magazines are stopping production of printed materials in favor of showing information only on their websites, it’s a good indication of the method that people, teens in particular, want to use electronic mediums to digest the written word in this day and age.

The highly portable Kindle Keyboard 3G can be taken anywhere your teen travels. Check out our full Kindle Keyboard 3G review for details. These days, it’s more common to see people reading from such devices, rather than an ‘old-fashioned’ paperback book. Take a look around next time you’re on an airplane – gone are the bulky books. A large part of the appeal is that Amazon has literally millions of books, magazines and other literature for sale that can be instantly downloaded. No waiting, no lines, no hassle. Using a Kindle, books, magazines and other material can be downloaded in a flash. What’s more, buying electronic versions of books and magazines is considerably cheaper than buying printed items and you’ll never be stuck for a gift idea again once the teens in your life own Kindle’s.

If you choose to give a Kindle Fire as a gift, the recipient will have instant access to all those books, plus a wide variety of TV shows, films music and games. They’ll also be able to surf the internet, making this the perfect gift. Using a Kindle, everything a teen wants for entertainment, education and knowledge is right at their fingertips. And if you’re buying this item for a teen to encourage him or her to read more, the beauty of this gift is that they’ll never realize that you had an educational goal in mind. What they’ll see is the fun and entertainment to be had. The Kindle Fire performs the same functions as the iPad – something to be found on many a teen’s wish list – but the good news is that the Kindle costs considerably less money. Whether your teens like to read, watch movies, play games or surf the internet, the Amazon Kindle is bound to be a perfect gift.

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