Kindle Paperwhite Will Be A Hit This Holiday

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is sure to be a hit with holiday shoppers in 2012. The new product is being acclaimed as the ‘world’s most advanced e-reader’. Despite Barnes and Noble’s Nook line being more technologically advanced in past years, they haven’t managed to corner the e-reader market come Christmas time. The new Kindle technology outshines the Nook’s, assuring even better sales than in years past. This assumption is backed by the fact that in 2011, Kindle’s sales were higher during the holiday season, despite the Nook’s superior technology (see more in our Kindle Paperwhite review). This year, with Kindle’s new Paperwhite screen technology, they’re sure to make a big splash in the retail market with the new product.

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One reason the Kindle has experienced higher sales in previous years is that the Amazon e-reader line is available worldwide, whereas the Nook is only available in the United States. Amazon has dedicated Kindle stores in many countries, including France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and Japan. In the UK, Kindle and the Kindle store have gained quite a readership. The increased international customer base has given Amazon a big leg up on the combination. Kindle sales are so much higher than Nook’s that it’s possible that regardless of Barnes & Noble’s plans to introduce the Nook e-reader internationally (about time, don’t you think?), Amazon’s numbers may remain unsurpassable.

The releases of the Nook Simple Touch and Nook GlowLight in the UK aren’t likely to scare Amazon.

History has proven that the enormous global platform enjoyed by Amazon and the Kindle line in particular has provided substantially more sales than the customer base of Barnes & Noble and the Nook. It seems Nook marketers refuse to be deterred none the less. They have continued to present a positive outlook to the public for most of the year. Barnes and Noble continues to slog through the market attempting to gain Nook readers, despite that their holiday sales reports, released in January of this year, were quite bleak. The potential for future revenue due to their global marketplace gives Amazon, along with a higher profit margin, the chance to expand even further. The mega online retailer wouldn’t have reached the epic proportions to which it has grown without a phenomenal marketing department. You can bet that the Kindle marketing department’s pockets are far deeper than those of Barnes & Noble, and that their higher sales will mean that trend continues. It’s a viscous cycle.

Amazon sells Kindles nearly everywhere on the planet, and they wisely spend a large portion of their earnings on research, development, and marketing. To sum it up, Amazon and the Kindle have the upper hand in the e-reader market, but Barnes & Noble is not to be discounted. The Nook producers continue to search for ways to make a significant impact on the market. If they continue to expand their market internationally, surely their sales will increase. The Nook may someday even rival the Kindle in sales given the right marketing savvy. No one can predict what may happen in the e-reader market in the years to come, but this year, the Kindle surely will remain on top.


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