Kindle or iPad 2?

It’s not often two devices that have little in common are intensively compared based solely on one of the few features they share. Such is the case with the Amazon Kindle 4 e-book reader and the Apple iPad 2 tablet computer. The only basis for comparison between these two devices stems from the fact that the iPad 2 has capability as an e-book reader, causing many consumers to rate it against the Kindle 4, whose whole claim to fame is reading e-books. So the question to be raised is whether a tablet computer can take on the Kindle 4 at its functional specialty.

One needs to understand the Amazon naming scheme to better comprehend the evolution of the Kindle. Officially, Amazon doesn’t indicate successive generations of the Kindle by appending a numeral to the Kindle name, such as Kindle 2 followed by an upgraded version called Kindle 3. While laymen may use this type of designation, Amazon itself officially refers to ‘first generation Kindle’, ‘second generation Kindle’ and so on, with what is commonly referred to as Kindle 4 being called ‘fourth generation Kindle’ by Amazon. This is why in our full Kindle review, we do not mention it. For the sake of comparison against the Kindle 4, iPad 2 simply refers to the second generation iPad.

A price comparison of Kindle 4 vs. the iPad 2 gives an indication of the difference in overall capabilities between these two devices. An ad-supported version of the Kindle 4 costs only US$69 (non ad-supported version is US$89), as compared to an iPad 2 priced at US$399 for the basic model. By adding features to the iPad 2, the price can top out at US$529. Obviously, if you’re looking for just an ebook reader, neither the iPad 2, or for that matter any other brand of ebook reader, can compete with the Kindle 4 on price. The iPad 2 may be the priciest ebook reader available, but of course it has much more to offer than just a reader function.

Beyond the price advantage, it is clear the Kindle 4 is an overall better ebook reader than the iPad 2. But other than ebook reader capability, there is no reason to compare the Kindle 4 and iPad 2 as they are simply each in a different class of device. And while the Kindle 4 should be the choice of anyone looking for a dedicated e-book reader, the Apple iPad 2, as clearly indicated by its higher price, offers much more than just the ability to read an e-book. However, Amazon has countered the iPad 2’s functionality with their new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets, which rival every aspect of the iPad 2, at half the cost.

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