Kindle Fire vs. Nook Color

Since it is one of the latest device in the Kindle series, today we will compliment our Kindle Fire review with a quick comparison of the Kindle Fire against the Nook Color from Barnes and Noble. An advancement in the Nook series is the addition of a capacitive full color touchscreen for the Nook Color, which adds a whole new range of capabilities, among them the ability to view video, reading graphic novels or children’s books with full color illustrations or interactive animation. There is even an option to have some of the available children’s stories read by a voice actor.

Similarly, the Kindle Fire possesses a high performance color display that allows for many same activities: reading with color illustration, TV and video viewing and gaming via apps purchased from the Amazon app store. While Barnes and Noble has an app store from which you can download to the Nook Color, the Amazon app store has a clear advantage in terms of app choices. This gives the Kindle Fire an advantage in the world of app use, even though the Nook Color does come with some nice apps and games already installed.

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One limitation of the Nook Color is that it lacks 3G connectivity, being enabled for Wi-Fi only, but it does have web surfing capability thanks to its full color touchscreen. While the Kindle Fire does have 3G connectivity, this is limited to accessing ebooks from the Amazon store. And while the Nook Color is a true tablet computer, it seems to lack the full range of features most users expect. The Kindle Fire, while not comparable to the upper tier tablet computers such as the Apple iPad, is nevertheless a fully functioning entertainment device. This fact, coupled with some of the areas where the Nook Color seems to come up a little short, allows for the Kindle Fire to compete on at least equal terms if not come out ahead.

The Kindle has a decided price advantage. While the Nook Color is priced at $249 (now $159), the Kindle Fire sells for just $159. Given our analysis above, it seems the performance and features of Nook Color do not justify this difference in price. When you look at these two tablets in comparison to other tablets, for example the $499 iPad or $179 Galaxy Tab 2 by Samsung, either can look like a good buy. But when comparing just the Kindle Fire to the Nook Color, there appears to be one winner. The numerous advantages of the Kindle Fire give it the clear edge.


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