Introducing Paperwhite by Kindle

Fans of Amazon Kindles and similar devices are delighted to see a new product available, the Kindle Paperwhite. It has several new features, thanks to the recent developments in e-reader technology and new users are also discovering that the price is right at $119. One problem that has been solved with this new device is that it’s now easy to read whether you’re sitting in bright light or at night.

On this model there is a front-lit screen which cuts down on reflections. This model also has the advantage of having WiFi already built in, unlike earlier versions of the device. As mentioned in many Kindle Paperwhite reviews, the device can hold up to 1,100 books which is a fantastic amount, even for the most avid reader. Yet despite this huge capacity, this model is lighter and smaller than the previous versions, making it even more portable and easy to use. This is a particular bonus for people who travel or commute and have long airplane or train journeys during which to keep themselves occupied. Now they have a lighter, more compact reader, that can easily be slipped into a hold all or carry-on luggage, taking up hardly any room at all. This means that it is also easier to store in the home, office or wherever you choose to use your device.

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A further advantage that users appreciate is the Kindle Paperwhite’s ability to switch from WiFi and 3G; yet another attraction that’s not commonplace in similar products. It’s obvious to today’s users that a great deal of care and attention has gone into the creation and design of this latest model, especially as it is available at such an affordable price. Nowadays, you can have the equivalent of a small library in your bag or purse for the cost of just a handful of traditional printed books.

As e-readers gained in popularity over recent years, a common complaint from many people was that of the life of the battery. This was particularly the case for travelers as many people traveling internationally or coast-to-coast found themselves with defunct batteries and no immediate place to re-charge them. This problem has been solved with the Kindle Paperwhite and users are reporting battery life is now measured in weeks and even months, rather than the previous hours and days. For those who live in areas prone to power outages, this is a great boon.

New owners are finding that the device works immediately upon purchase with no complicated installation or setup involved whatsoever. Products such as these make it hard to remember the days when keen readers had to travel to the bookstore, wait in line to pay for their books and then transport them home. Even going to the library seems like a very old-style activity these days. There are more titles available for a Kindle than you would ever find in a traditional bookstore or library, covering every subject you can possibly imagine.

The Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal gift for all ages, you might even like to treat yourself to the benefits offered by this new, greatly improved model.


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