How To Get A Kindle For 90% Off


What you’re about to learn in this FREE guide is one of the best kept secrets to saving HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on everything from Kindles, iPads, laptop computers, gift cards, flat screen TV’s, and more!

You can literally save 90% off any of these items, every single day.

How is this possible you ask? Through an online auction site called

Every day the items listed on Beezid are auctioned off to the highest bidder, starting at a penny. But unlike eBay, when a bid is placed on Beezid the price of the item only increases by ONE PENNY. So if 100 bids are placed and the item is sold, the final price of the item costs only $1.

Because of their unique system, the average winner’s discount at Beezid is 94% off retail!

Now that you know a little bit about Beezid, I’m going to show you how to get some FREE BIDS and share with you a proven strategy to win items only available to new members…

CLICK THE LINK BELOW and register with Beezid and you will automatically receive 25 FREE BIDS.

       25 FREE BIDS

These bids will be credited to your account immediately, but don’t spend them yet… In order to give yourself the best chance of winning an item, buy the smallest Bid Pack available (30 Bids), this will give you a total of 55 bids and will GREATLY improve your odds of getting the item you want.

Once you have purchased your Bid Pack, go to the Categories drop down menu above the orange Buy Bids button and scroll down to Cherry Auctions – these are auctions ONLY available to new members (that’s you!).

Now, the typical new member only receives 10 free bids when they sign up, but armed with your 55 bids, you now have a 5-to-1 advantage over them (or more, if you purchase a larger bid pack; but buying a bigger pack is not necessary in my opinion).


The next step is to find an item listed in the Cherry Auctions that you would like to bid on. It may be a Kindle, an iPad, gift cards, a 32″ flat screen TV, or whatever you’re interested in.

Don’t begin bidding immediately on the item though, wait until the bid price has bumped up to fifty cents or so (depending on the item) then begin your bidding using the SNIPER BID.

Applying the Sniper Bid function will automatically place a bid for you in the last seconds of the auction, making sure you’re not wasting any bids.

An additional strategy is to bid on items late at night or early in the morning, when there are less people online.

This is a highly effective strategy with Cherry Auctions, as most new users only bid during peak times. Combining these strategies together, you have the very best chance of winning the item you want at 90% off!

So, for a brief recap:

* Use this link to sign up at Beezid and claim your 25 free bids:  25 FREE BIDS

* Purchase the cheapest Bid Pack – This will give you a total of 55 Bids!

* Select Cherry Auctions from the Category menu

* Find an auction that ends at night or early morning, when less people are online

* Wait to place your bids until the price of the item has been bid up a bit (maybe fifty cents or so, depending on the item)

* Use the Sniper Bid function to place your bids

* Beat out the other bidders and WIN your prize!

By following these strategies I am confident that you can get your Kindle (or other item) for 90% off.  When you do win, please email me at, I love hearing success stories!


Cindy Tanner