Features on the Kindle Fire HD

As a follow up to our Kindle Fire HD review, in this article we’ll walk you through some of the features of your new Kindle Fire HD. Located at the top of your screen is the status bar. Your status bar includes various options such as Notifications, Quick Settings, Wi-Fi Indicator, and Battery Indicator.

Upon start-up, your content and icons allow unrestricted movement to the desired area. The Kindle Fire HD’s screen is well lit and sharp. You can find what is stored on your Kindle by viewing the Virtual Bookshelf. Here you can purchase either books or magazines (among other things or you can upload your own files from a PC and arrange them into icons on your bookshelf. Kindle books are easily read on the crisp and bright screen. You’ll easily find the zoom button on your Kindle. This allows makes content easy to read. You may zoom in or out.

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Another amazing feature of your Kindle is the unlimited cloud storage for any purchases you make on Amazon. Files not purchased from amazon can be stored up to 5GB. Additional storage space can be purchased. You can download 3 or 4 movies along with a play list of your choice thanks to the free on board storage. Here you can move items in and out whenever you need to make more room. This can save you loads of money. In Newsstand you are able to view current newspapers and magazines as well as archived issues of your favorite publications.

The majority of magazines on the Kindle Fire HD include two different reading views. Page View is similar to the printed edition while Text View allows you to read the publication without the custom formatting. Your books can be accessed via the Books icon on your home screen. In your books you’re able to change style, line spacing, typeface, and margins. Your Kindle Fire will also save your place automatically where you left off so that you never have to worry about losing your place again. You can also manually bookmark pages. You can listen to your music in the Music Library. Your music list in queue can be viewed by opening the music player control. Your music can be stored either in the cloud or on your Kindle Fire HD. Files can also be transferred from one device to another.

You may buy or rent via downloading all your favorite movies and TV shows by opening Video. Within Video you can also play programs from Amazon’s streaming video service. Videos from the internet can also be viewed on your home screen. The can be paused and resumed as you desire.

Applications (Apps) are applications (free or paid for) divided into categories. Entertainment, New Games, and Lifestyle are some of these. Upon downloading Apps they will appear in your Apps Library. From there you can save them to your favorite’s icon. Web features Amazon Silk, Amazon Web Service’s browser. Silk supports all of your favorite features such as bookmarks, history and searches.

An option ribbon is located at the bottom of your screen and contains your navigation buttons; Home, Forward and Back. From this ribbon you can also access the menu or your bookmarks. It has never been simpler and easier to customize a tablet to your liking. And if you wish to undo your changes, it is no sweat to restore your Kindle to it’s factory settings. Your Amazon account information, applications, and any of your downloaded content are backed up in the cloud. Your Kindle fire is so much more than an E-reader. It can handle an abundance of tasks.


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