Apple Thinks the iPad is Better Than the Kindle Fire HD, We Disagree

Before choosing between a Kindle Fire HD or an iPad, you should know that the Kindle Fire HD is not just an upgrade to a basic web enabled ebook reader as Apple may claim it to be. In fact, it is a full featured tablet computer, as noted here in our Kindle Fire HD review. The iPad has always been a great, high-end tablet, and an excellent competitor to the Kindle line up, but the basic Kindle Fire was never intended to provide all of the functions that people could possible want on a high-end tablet. That’s why the Kindle Fire HD was released, to compete head-to-head with Apple’s iPad.

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When comparing prices of the two tablets, the iPad is significantly higher priced than the new Kindle Fire HD. Amazon was miraculously able to keep the price of the Kindle Fire HD under $200 while offering a wide range of improvements to a large customer base. The iPad retails for $499 or $699 with 4G. However, the Kindle Fire HD is a mid range tablet that retails for $199, $299 (for the larger 8.9”), or $499 (with 4G LTE).

The iPad and Kindle Fire HD are both trendy devices. For Kindle Fire, this is a drastic improvement from the bulky, unpleasant base model. Both devices allow for mvies, TV shows, songs, games, applications magazines and books. The Kindle Fire applications market has overcome its previous issues with the Android market and can now connect to the Google Play Store. The iPad content comes from the top of the line Apple proprietary market. There is no comparison when it comes to Apple’s third party applications market. Amazon content surpasses Apple when it comes to operating systems, this is primarily because Apple content is restricted to Apple devices. This also applies to synchronization. Apple content tends to work only with Apple devices.

In the end, you will always get what you pay for, but the smart shopper knows how to pay for only what they will use. The Kindle Fire and Barnes and noble’s Nook have lowered prices to become more affordable while presenting web enabled tablets which are able to meet and exceed most customer needs. The new Kindle Fire HD offers a variety of improvements over the basic Kindle Fire and will serve as competition for the incrementally improving iPad. Being the world’s largest online retail market, Amazon can easily afford to take a little loss on its own devices due to making up the difference in book and product sales.


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