Adding ebooks to your Kindle

Today I wanted to share a quick article with you on the 4 different ways for you to put ebooks onto your Kindle. The first method is to go through Amazon’s web service and purchase your ebook. It’s the easiest and most direct way to get a book onto your Kindle, since it is directly through Amazon. All you have to do is purchase your ebook from the Kindle Store and the book will automatically be downloaded onto your Kindle in less than a minute. You can either buy books from Amazon directly using your Silk browser or by navigating to the app and buying it that way. With either method, the book will be instantly downloaded onto your Kindle. Check out our review of the Kindle here.

The second method is by USB transfer. For example, let’s say you have downloaded a particular ebook off the internet and onto your PC and now you want to be able to read it on your Kindle. If the eBook is a .txt, .pdf, or .mobi file, then all you have to do is connect your computer and Kindle with a USB cable to transfer the books.

The third method to get ebooks to your Kindle is by email. You are able to email your eBook to Amazon which will then directly send the file to your Kindle. An upside to this is that Amazon will convert your standard ebook to the Kindle format for free, which is nice. Keep in mind however that converted files are prone to becoming distorted and Amazon charges a $.10 fee if you choose to use their email service.

The final method is the one that Amazon doesn’t want you to know about to be honest. You are able to access books and download them through the internet, which you can access through the Internet browser on your Kindle. The best thing about this method is that it is free! Your best resource to download thousands of free books, including many classics, in a Kindle-friendly format is on

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