A Quick Guide To Using The Kindle Fire

In Amazon’s newest addition to ebook readers comes the Kindle Fire. With a color touch-screen that has a catalog of over a million novels, films, videos, mp3’s, apps and games, the Kindle Fire is far superior than its predecessors. Written below is a quick guide on helping you understand and use some of the functions offered with the Kindle Fire. And as always, we have a full in-depth review of the Kindle Fire here.

After opening the box for your Kindle Fire, you will find the Kindle Fire itself and a Power Adapter, its charger. Since the Kindle is pre-charged to around 70%, it’s recommended that you either charge it to 100% before or during your first use. In order to turn the device on, slide the yellow arrow on the left. Pending whether or not there is an update that must download, when the Kindle Fire has started up it gives you options to connect to your source of Internet (optional), pick your timezone, and log into your Amazon account.

The main screen, referred to as the carousel, will come up and you are able to go through a tutorial on how to use the essential functions of the device. When the tutorial is over, there is a User’s Guide available that goes into more depth concerning the functions. However, you don’t have to read that– you are now free to roam and learn things yourself. On the carousel, there are seven tabs that you can touch in order to gain access to an array of material on your Kindle, which include: Web, Books, Videos, Documents, Music, Applications, and Newsstand.

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At the top is a toolbar, where settings and other features may be accessed. If you press on the gear, a sub-tab comes up with icons that show the settings — locking the position of the screen, volume adjustment, brightness adjustment, settings for Wi-Fi, syncing, and more. To subscribe or buy to any content, just press the store button at the top right. This will let you browse through all types of media.

You’ll have items like newspapers and magazines, which are stored in the Newsstand. The books section is where the entire book catalog exists, which are ordered from Amazon. Music has any type of genre of music you would like to download and/or buy.

The video section connects you to Amazon Videos, where you can watch instant movies and shows that are either free or paid. Documents has all of the documents that you can download off your own personal computer, to have quick access to.

Applications is the area for all of the apps, such as games, utilities, etc. You can download these from the App Store for free or paid, depending on the individual app.

Last but not least, the Web connects you to Amazon Silk, letting you browse the Internet, which already has pre-loaded bookmarks.


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